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Finding the Best Bedding and Substrate for Hedgehogs

There are animal lovers who prefer to adopt bigger animals. Perhaps it makes them feel a lot more to have a big sidekick to join them in their daily activities. There are also those who prefer smaller animals to keep as their pets. You might have seen some animal lovers adopting tiny crustaceans, unusual ball pythons, even the spiny hedgehog. If your one of those who has fallen in love with this prickly yet interesting, small creature, you need to understand everything that will make your future pet’s life a lot comfortable, including the best bedding for hedgehogs.

As always, pets will be healthier if they have a proper environment where they can do what they habitually do. It should be a place that mimics their natural habitat and offers a space where their safety is protected while they are kept comfortable and satisfied.

Substrate for Hedgehogs

Things to Know about Hedgehogs for Beginners

If this is your first time to have a hedgehog, you’ll be glad to know some interesting facts about these small wonders.

Hedgehogs are naturally found in England, Europe, Africa, and Asia. They are insectivores. Though they love to eat insects, they can exist on other food sources such as lizards, snakes, birds’ eggs, fish, carrion, mushrooms, snails, amphibians, even on grassroots, vegetables, and fruits. Domesticated ones mostly consume pelleted formulas, as well as on either dried or live mealworms, crickets, earthworms, wax worms available in the market today. Read More