Sponsorship packages available - If you have an equine related business and would like to be involved with The Functional Hoof Conference, please contact us for sponsorship package details.


GoBarefoot – The Hoof Trim Network. 

GoBarefoot offers a wide variety of services ranging from regular and remedial Barefoot trimming, to talks, demos and information sessions. More info...

Missy’s Bucket

Equine nutritional supplement - Is an exceptional value for money, high potency, trace mineral, vitamin, amino acid and antioxidant supplement for horses living on predominantly pasture and hay diets.

Formulated to supply the most commonly deficient minerals as a daily supplement, Missy’s Bucket is made with high quality, bio-available ingredients for enhanced absorption. More info...

Equine Fusion is a Norwegian company who since 2005 has developed a new type of horse shoe - a flexible, light and durable jogging shoe that protects the horse’s hooves from shock, wear and unnatural pressure.

For more info go to: www.eqfu.no


Bringing a large range of hoof boots to you - as there will never be a boot that will suit every horse.

Offering discounted prices to Trimmers and Farriers.