A smorgasbord of knowledge relating to the horse’s hoof!

Do you:

  • Want to know how best to help a horse with navicular?
  • Wonder if Laminitis can be prevented…or rehabbed?
  • Want to know what is the best way to feed your horse?
  • Wonder about the differences between barefoot trims and farrier trims?
  • Want to manage your horse in a sustainable manner so the environment is protected?
  • Advice on how to train your horse to perform on specific surfaces?
  • Get good advice from scientists who are passionate about promoting equine welfare around the world.


Well – do we have the event for you!

Coming to Daylesford, Victoria, Australia in Melbourne Cup Week – a smorgasbord of knowledge relating to the horse’s hoof.

This is a very rare chance to attend a niche conference which will give YOU the chance to interact with world experts in their field.

We have a full four-day presentation schedule of speakers on equine biomechanics and hoof anatomy, pathologies, nutrition, environmental management and performance training.

Dr Hilary Clayton

Dr Hilary Clayton Competing

Dr Hilary Clayton Competing

Dr Hilary Clayton, a world leader in biomechanics research. She has served as the Mary Anne McPhail Dressage Chair in Equine Sports Medicine at Michigan State University's College of Veterinary Medicine for more than a decade. Her research covers an exceptionally broad scope, with studies in bitting, saddle fit biometrics, kinematics and kinetics, and locomotion .  Her work informs techniques adopted today  across a range of equine  performance sports.  She also rides Grand Prix level dressage in her spare time.

Professor Lars Roepstorff

Dr Lars Roepstorff

Dr Lars Roepstorff

Dr Lars Roepstorff  - who was a consultant on footings in the show jump arena at the London Olympics – is himself a keen showjumper. Hailing from Sweden, he will be talking about biomechanics also but specifically about how to prepare performance horses to train and compete on various surfaces. What works, what doesn’t.  He has been closely involved  in studies with colleagues in the Thoroughbred Horse Racing Industry in Kentucky and is a font of knowledge about the different track surfaces in horse racing.

Dr Cindy Nielsen

Dr Nielsen specializes in laminitis, insulin resistance and cushings syndrome.. All are common here in Australia.  She will also talk about how best to rehabilitate horses suffering navicular. Dr Nielsen runs Founder Warriors in Nebraska, and teaches horse owners online via webinars. She’ll be appearing in person at Daylesford. 

These are just a few of the people we have lined up for four days of presentations at the Daylesford Town Hall from November 6th to 9th.

Four day passes are available, as well as single day passes so you can choose the presentations which most interest you.