Another World Premiere Presentation for The Functional Hoof Conference…

A new academic study comparing the outcomes of four distinctly different hoof care techniques, will be  unveiled at The Functional Hoof Conference this year.

It is the work of Australian wild horse researcher, farrier, trimmer and physiotherapist  -  Dr Brian Hampson, who travelled to Europe and the US to conduct the comparative research project.

Brian photo.jpeg

His new study looks at the results of two US-based techniques: The ABC HoofPrint Trim promoted by Cheryl Henderson and  the US Pacific Hoof Care Practitioner techniques of Sossity Gargiulo. The other two methods studied were German-based methods: Barefoot Hoof Orthopaedics’  with practitioner Konstanze Rasch, and Dr Tina Gottwald’s Natural Hoof Care approach.

The project used photometric and radiometric techniques to measure changes in the hooves of the case horses under the care of the four trimmers over a twelve month period.  The illustration below shows the measurements involved in the study.

 Dr Hampson will be presenting his research at the Conference Dinner on Saturday Nov 8th. Tickets need to be purchased in advance and are strictly limited due to the size of the venue (Ticket booking link here). 

Conference organisers are delighted to offer a platform for the worldwide premier presentations of not just one -  but TWO - new studies relating to hoof care. Georgina Pankhurst from Australia will also be presenting her new work on the effects of heel angle on the corium health of the hoof at the conference.