Barefoot Vets.... a new breed?

Yay! There’s a small but lovely glow at the end of the tunnel. What has long been a source of frustration for barefoot trimmers – how to get vets to understand the barefoot approach – is gradually getting easier.

 In my local area I now have at least half a dozen vets who are open to barefoot.

 And its happening all over. We are increasingly seeing vets who are not only OPEN to the approach, but who are actually training in the technique, and practicing it themselves.

Consequently we are starting to see a new type of vet who is both a trimmer AND a vet.  And it seems these vets are coming to barefoot along the same well-trodden path that has led many of the trimmers to the same point.  They came to the end of the line with a horse and the only thing left to try was barefoot!

Dr Cindy Nielsen, DVM – who has just confirmed she will come to Australia to present at The Functional Hoof Conference in November says she learnt to trim because she was having trouble with her own shod horses.  So she went to a Pete Ramey clinic.  She tried it with her own horses,….and it worked. “I got so passionate about it…. eventually I realized how perfect it would be to be able to be the trimmer/farrier  as well as the vet on laminitis cases.”

Totally engaged in the concept by then,  she continued on and completed Jaime Jackson’s AANHCP training program. She also started up her own practice focused on hoof pathology, and especially founder.

In addition to helping horses  (she trims 150 horses regularly) Dr Nielsen is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge with trimmers. She is a mentor with the Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners and has put together an intensive webinar on reading radiographs.  The next webinar is scheduled to for May. Details are here -

In Australia in November, Dr Nielsen will be talking about how to manage laminitic horses - particularly those with Equine Metabolic Syndrome, Insulin Resistance, and Cushings. She’ll also be discussing case studies from the Founder Warriors battle front.