Australia welcomes a herd of International Hoof Researchers!

It’s time!  To have another FUNCTIONAL HOOF CONFERENCE in Australia. The last one was back in 2011. But that’s aeons ago, and there’s lots of new knowledge out there which we would like to get out to the industry. The number of people interested in hoof care  continues to grow, so its definitely time for another conference!

We've chosen the dates - 6th-9th November, booked the venue (the gorgeous Daylesford Town Hall), reserved some lovely accommodation for presenters, and been lucky enough to get some really top people to agree to come and speak.

Dr Hilary Clayton

Dr Hilary Clayton

Dr Hilary Clayton – widely known around the world for her book “Conditioning the Sport Horse” and a biomechanics guru. Dr Lars Roepstorff from Sweden who has done research on how the frog works, and was also a consultant on footings in the showjump arenas for the London Olympics. Also keenly interested in biomechanics. Dr Debra Taylor from Auburn University in Alabama who has been working on rehabbing laminitic horses. And our own Prof Chris Pollitt,  probably the most experienced laminitis researcher in the world. Carol Layton who is Dr Eleanor Kellon’s right hand woman on nutrition in Australia.

Dr Neal Valk at a previous Seminar for Vets Farriers and Trimmers in Victoria

Dr Neal Valk at a previous Seminar for Vets Farriers and Trimmers in Victoria

And the wonderful Dr Neal Valk who can talk  from the unique position as a veterinary surgeon and practising trimmer.

We’ve got much much more in the pipeline, and will announce that as details are locked in. Make sure you like our Facebook page to stay up to date or sign up to the email list.

The aim of the conference is firstly to disseminate recent research from around the world, which is relevant to equine hoof care.

The second aim is to promote discussion about various methods and bring together the proponents of the disparate techniques & approaches in order to learn from one another and establish areas of common ground. We hope to encourage professional dialogue and an exchange of ideas.

We believe that the science underpinning  current practice (for vets, farriers, barefoot trimmers and other equine professionals) is still in its relatively early stages, and that there is much to be learnt about the functional anatomy of the hoof and ways to promote optimal movement for the horse.

Several speakers will also address topics relating to holistic horse health management.

At The Functional Hoof Conference Australia 2014 we hope to bring together professionals - and others interested in the equine digit -  in a respectful and open environment. We hope that everybody will gain value from the various and varied perspectives of our presenters, and that this will ultimately be of benefit to the  horses in their care.

We’ll keep everybody updated via our website ( and our FaceBook Page:  "The Functional Hoof" Australian Conference.


Rebecca J. Scott & Zoe Messina

Melbourne 2014