The Functional Hoof Conference 2014 functioned well!


Its over (for 2014). And Zoe and I have emerged from our organisational marathon, tired but happy!

Lots of hoof care professionals (trimmers and some farriers) and vets, along with equine therapists and interested horse owners made for an intense and stimulating four days in Daylesford. Its not often that those passionate about horses hooves get to spend  time together, let alone time focused on professional development. With lectures delivered by some of the world’s leading researchers and clinicians in the area. Professor Hilary Clayton, together with her professional colleague Professor Lars Roepstorff, and Dr Cindy Nielsen, were standouts. But so too were Dr Debra Taylor, Dr Neal Valk and Dr Andrew van Eps. Their presentations were all fascinating.

We really were like  pigs in mud.

The Conference was  - we think - a great success. And judging from the feedback, those who attended thought so too.

Dr Andrew Cust from the Ballarat Veterinary Practice rang to congratulate us after he attended several days. He reported a ‘light bulb moment’ as he drove home after one of the presentations.

Dr Ian Bidstrup from Kilmore, Vic emailed: “Congratulations on running such a great program!  Was excellent!   I look forward to your next conference.”

Dr Cindy Nielsen, who presented on laminitis, equine metabolic syndrome and Cushings Disease had this to say about the event: "Friggin awesome, The best hoof conference I've ever been to!"

Megan Matters on the Highlights of the Conference: "Wow! So many... In particular the variety of speakers and delegates and the fact that we all have so much in common despite apparent differences".

Pauline Williams particularly enjoyed presentations by Dr Deb Taylor, Dr Neal Valk and Jane Myers as she found: "They all provided information in a form easy for us to translate to our day to day work and to our customers."

And this from another Trimmer: "The more we learn the less we know. I particularly enjoyed learning about the similarities between good farriers and good trimmers, we're all heading towards similar goals."

Fiona McDonald-Crowley: "I loved the research and it's application. Every single session was highly interesting and informative. I particularily likes Dr Deb, Prof Lars, Dr Cindy and Dr Neals presentations. It was great getting the combination of Vet research combined with trim/hoof form."

A Highlight for Anna Roach (Trimmer) was: "The general consencus between presenters about the importance of movement in hoof health."

Plus we received a double page spread in the latest edition of Hoofbeats Magazine.

All those who attended this year are on our mailing list for the next conference. If you did not attend this year but would like to be kept in the loop regarding the next conference, please register your interest by signing up to our email list on the right hand side of the page, and we’ll keep you informed.

Rebecca J Scott.







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