New hoof boot coming soon…check it out at the conference!

A new hoof boot – designed in Australia – is to be unveiled at The Functional Hoof Conference.

It’s the Scoot Boot.

Here’s a sneak preview of the sole:

Inventor, Dave MacDonald of the Tasmanian-based Macs Equine says a prototype will be on display in Daylesford and the boot is expected to be available commercially early next year.

Made from thermoplastic poly urethane (TPU) he promises a boot that is “very lightweight, with sleek contours and a low profile.”

He claims that the same boot will suit a range of hoof shapes, including those that are wider than they are long… also narrow hooves.

“They are a very adaptable boot. There is no velcro. No moving parts.  Nothing to break off the boot. Nothing apart from the tension straps which are also made of stretchier TPU - even your grandmother could put this boot on,” he reckons.

From the horse’s point of view, “the boot is like wearing a slipper.”.

A former farrier,  Dave MacDonald invented the Old Mac hoof boot which he sold in 2006 to Easycare Inc in the US.


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