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This is your chance to hear some of the world’s leading hoof researchers and practitioners – all in one place over four days.   It’s the biggest gathering of cutting edge knowledge of this kind in the Southern Hemisphere. Here’s who is coming:

Dr Hilary Clayton – world authority on biomechanics,  and held the Mary Anne McPhail Chair of Dressage at Michigan State University. Rides Grand Prix Level Dressage.

Dr Lars Roepstorff – another biomechanics researcher. Also an international expert on training for specific surfaces. Was consultant in the Show Jump arena at the London Olympics. Competes in showjumping.

Dr Debra Taylor – laminitis researcher at Auburn University in Alabama. Also studying the importance of myofascia in hoof function.

Dr Andrew Van Eps – laminitis researcher at Queensland University.

Georgina Pankhurst – Unveils her thesis on the effects of underrun heels.

Plus we have six freeze dried cadaver hooves, trimmed by three farriers and three trimmers who are participating in a panel discussion about their respective techniques. So we’ll have three different farrier trims and three different barefoot trims to consider.

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